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    Xfold Imaging microscope slides/cover slips

    Xfold imaging produces microscope slides containing advanced nanostructures on the top surface. These nanostructures enhance microscope images especially when using laser/LED excitation, like fluorescence imaging.

    Xfold imaging’s innovative solution enables the study of cellular structures and bio-molecules (fats, lipids, proteins, etc.) at enhanced accuracy and enables real-time video imaging of live cells.

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    Xfold imaging Oy was founded  in 2018 in alliance with Aalto University and the University of Helsinki. Xfold Imaging Oy is located at Micronova building hosting the largest cleanroom environment in Northern Europe.

    Advance your COVID-19 research with
    our Xfold Alexa 488 slide

    EXPERIMENTAL PROCEDURE: Covid 19 details 

    Add : dilution of virus 1:1000 on the Xfold slide, incubate on ice 1 h | Fix with 4%, PFA, 20 min, r.t. Remove: fixative, wash twice with PBS containing 0.2% BSA and 20 mM NH4Cl pH 7.4 | Incubate: with primary antibody dilution 1:1000, 60 min, r.t., wash twice | Incubate Secondary  antibody: dilution 1:1000, 60 min, r.t, wash twice

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    Invention by a Finnish start-up speeds up coronavirus testing

    Invention by a Finnish start-up speeds up coronavirus testing

    The nanocoated glass multiplies the accuracy of the microscope by a factor of ten. Pictured is a sample containing coronavirus without coated glass (left) and with XFold nano-coated glass (right).

    What if nanotech could save lives?

    What if nanotech could save lives?

    This article was originally published at After the release of the original article, Xfold Imaging has found its first paying customer. Xfold Imaging’s innovative solutions enable the study of cellular structures

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