Surface signal enhancer (for ex., fluorescence, EU and UCNP)

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    Xfold Imaging microscopy and diagnostic solutions

    Xfold Imaging produces surface signal enhancing nanostructures for research and diagnostic applications.

    Xfold technology helps enhance weak optical signals, and can be produced on a variety of substrates, such as silicon, glass, and polycarbonate, and cut into various sizes

    Xfold chips can be used in many different applications, such as bioimaging (R&D labs), diagnostics (cancer, infectious disease), and other optical systems, and can be adapted to different imaging platforms (microscopy slides, microfluidic devices, test cartridges, etc.)

    About Us

    Xfold imaging Oy was founded  in 2018 in alliance with Aalto University and the University of Helsinki. Xfold Imaging Oy is located at Micronova building hosting the largest cleanroom environment in Northern Europe.

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    Invention by a Finnish start-up speeds up coronavirus testing

    Invention by a Finnish start-up speeds up coronavirus testing

    The nanocoated glass multiplies the accuracy of the microscope by a factor of ten. Pictured is a sample containing coronavirus without coated glass (left) and with XFold nano-coated glass (right).…

    What if nanotech could save lives?

    What if nanotech could save lives?

    This article was originally published at After the release of the original article, Xfold Imaging has found its first paying customer. Xfold Imaging’s innovative solutions enable the study of cellular structures…

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    Xfold Imaging Oy, is in PRINSE'22 conference in Oulu, Finland from 7th to 10th June.

    We are looking forward to meet/discuss new projects in printed technologies. please meet us #PRINSE22 #nanoimprinting #imaging #diagnostics

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